Enrolment for 2020 Year 7 and 8 Village High School students is now open. The process for enrolment is outlined below. These steps will apply to current KVS and PIVS students, as well as students from other primary schools and educational backgrounds.

Enrolment Process

Step 1.

Interested families should complete our Self-Reflection Questionnaires to determine whether the VHS approach to teaching and learning matches parent/guardian and student’s thinking. These are accessible online via the links below:

Step 2.

An Enrolment Expression of Interest form can be requested using the link below, after applicants have completed the Self-Reflection Questionnaire (Step 1). The form includes a section for applicants to enter their contact details and questions requiring responses from both parents/guardians and students.

Step 3.

After a conversation with families, students successful in Step 2 will be offered Provisional Enrolment and required to attend three VHS Transition Days where a final determination will be made.

Step 4.

If a student is offered confirmed enrolment, families will be asked to fill in a detailed enrolment form, and pay a deposit to secure their place.

Enrolment Sizes

There will be a maximum of approximately 20 students per year level.

Note that the identification of students by year level is not linked to the academic level at which they will be taught, or the learning groups they will be in, as explained here.

Should you have any further questions, please contact us.